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December 24
, 2013
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Foundation Announcements

Yuletide Carolers

Thanks to all the Volunteers who pitched in and volunteered for our Volunteer Party! Special thanks to Harry Schlager, Yuletide Carolers, The Boobé Sisters and DJ RocketManLA.

Hands together for Tom Pardoe, Matthew Mullins and the wicked crew from Santaland (which is in Finland, of course) and Oxballs for the extra good stuffing.

And we certainly appreciate the evenings hosts: Daphne Von Rey, Pup Niko, Toni Rodriguez and culinary genius Michael Kirwan.

Thank you to Lorenzo Gomez for the photos. See them on TOM's Blog!


Volunteer Party benefits local residents.

All the food everyone made was super scrumptious and we were able to feed 38 Echo Park residents who have nowhere to live but the streets this year.

Here is Durk wrapping plates which were distributed the morning after the party.


Finland meets Finland in LA. Consul General of Finland, Los Angeles, Juha Markkanen and his wife visit the Bob Mizer & Tom of Finland exhibition with Aleksi Bardy, Dome Karukoski, and Jasper Pääkkönen from Helsinki-filmi (makers of the Tom of Finland film) at The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in West Hollywood at the Pacific Design Center (on ToFF’s 29th birthday).

More on TOM's Blog.


Photo: Motorboot

Thank you to the California Boots & Breeches Corps - Los Angeles Division and the individuals who also gave contributions!

Awesome party, awesome gift! The Corps presented TOM’s Foundation with a check from their yearly fundraising efforts. The Corps held their Annual Christmas Party at TOM House December 14, 2013.

See photos on TOM's Blog.


Photo: Motorboot

History kept here, history made here.

Regiment of the Black and Tans Toast of the Season on December 7, 2013.

Thank you to the men of the Regiment for saluting TOM with a fundraiser for his Foundation at TOM House. Then off to the Eagle for the Regiment’s Holiday Toy Drive.

See photos on TOM's Blog.


Durk, Michael
and Sharp

Gift exchange!

Our friend, Michael Alago, stopped by TOM House. Wonderful to see him.

Hey, let’s talk more about collaboration!


Photo: Marjo-Riikka Makela

ToFF's 29th Birthday!

Thank you to everyone for their good wishes! Celebrating with us were Dome Karukoski, Aleksi Bardy and Jasper Pääkkönen from Helsinki-filmi.

Photos on TOM's Blog.

See our full events listing on the Foundation's Events Page.

World of Tom of Finland

TOM's Blog

Art News

Los Angeles Times Review By Christopher Knight:
Fun To Be Had In Works Of Bob Mizer And Tom of Finland

TOM OF FINLAND (Touko Laaksonen, Finnish, 1920 – 1991),
Untitled (From Circus Life series), 1961, Graphite on paper, 12.25” x 9.75”,
Tom of Finland Foundation Permanent Collection #61.11, © 1961 Tom of Finland Foundation

Soft-core pornography has been a staple of Western art since at least 1538, when Titian finished his lusciously naked “Venus of Urbino” reclining seductively on a couch, painted for the bed chamber of Guidobaldo della Rovere, a local duke in waiting.

Bob Mizer and Tom of Finland aren’t exactly Titian, but their erotic and often witty photographs and drawings, respectively, had an indelible impact in the second half of the 20th century, surreptitiously smuggled into hundreds of American bed chambers from coast to coast.

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KCET Review By Drew Mackie:
Tom Of Finland In Los Angeles

Photo by Drew Tewksbury

To those familiar with Tom of Finland, the very mention of his name brings to mind a display of prime beef that would put a butcher shop to shame. That’s not an inaccurate image, but it doesn’t come close to explaining the importance of Touko Laaksonen’s art. His masterful drawings of the male form didn’t just echo an emerging segment of gay male culture; they helped shape it.

The ’80s blockbuster “Top Gun” drew heavily on the visual theme of uniformed male partners. Tom Cruise’s Maverick character played out a heterosexual love story that could not disguise the homoerotic setting. The liberating effect of Tom’s men smiling lustfully in the bright light of day cannot be underestimated. No longer confined to the subterranean meat mazes of popular porn scenarios, his finely crafted icons are now out there for all to enjoy.

More on TOM's Blog

In Conversation With Richard Hawkins

Bud Cockerham, Richard Hawkins, Daniel Babcock, Durk Dehner & Bud Thomas
at the Tom of Finland Company – Courtesy of Tom of Finland Foundation

The artist Hawkins co-curated Tom of Finland & Bob Mizer, a retrospective on the two iconic gay artists now on view at MOCA | The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. “Both Bob and Tom were able to live in a world in which their desires were far from accepted but their solution was always to return to the studio and kind of passionately imagine new worlds into existence. There’s great inspiration for artists there: just follow your heart or your hard-on.”

If you’ve never heard of Richard Hawkins before, now is the time to start Googling his name. Since the early 1990s, Hawkins has been producing some of the most evocative, incomparable artwork we’ve ever seen, all teeming with an undercurrent of homoerotic appreciation and longing.

Using collage and sculpture as his primary medium (although branching out into just about everything else as well), Hawkins’ work has been featured in galleries across the world, and for good reason: with pieces that are as elaborate and carefully designed as they are rife with gay imagery and subtext, Hawkins’ work speaks to people all across the Kinsey scale, transcending what often ends up being a niche audience.

More on TOM's Blog

Paper Tricks:
Richard Hawkins on Bob Mizer & Tom of Finland

Tom of Finland,
Untitled, c. 1973, Mixed media on paper, 11 x 8 inches,
Courtesy of the Tom of Finland Foundation, © Tom of Finland Foundation

As an artist who has spent a lot of time looking at, thinking about, and making my own collages, I have taken the opportunity as guest co-curator of Bob Mizer & Tom of Finland to introduce a wider and more generous selection of collages by the artists than previously has been exhibited.

Some might consider these works to be minor aspects of the artists’ practices. Tom of Finland’s collages were created to be used as image banks and photographic references for his drawings; they were resources from which he may have found inspiration for rendering a handsome face or gathered the details necessary to get the stretch of leather across a thigh just right.

Similarly, for Mizer, the photo-collaged catalogue boards were midway points between the production and distribution of his films and photographs. These artifacts were intended to be photographed, printed out, and disseminated as 4x5s. Neither artist, apparently, considered their collages the “real work.”

More on TOM's Blog

Variety Announces
This Year’s 10 Directors to Watch

Dome Karukoski, director of the Helsinki-filmi Tom of Finland biopic

Variety has chosen its 10 Directors to Watch for 2013:

Amma Asante (“Belle”)
Clio Barnard (“The Selfish Giant”)
Anthony Chen (“Ilo Ilo“)
Paul Duane (“Very Extremely Dangerous.” “Natan”)
Ben Falcone (“Tammy”)
Maya Forbes (“Infinitely Polar Bear”)
Aron Gaudet & Gita Pullapilly (“Beneath the Harvest Sky”)
Dome Karukoski (“Heart of a Lion” and upcoming Tom of Finland biopic)
Justin Simien (“Dear White People”)
Gren Wells (“The Road Within”)

The December 17 issue of Variety includes profiles of the directors and Creative Impact honorees, who will also be honored at a brunch on January 5 at the Parker Palm Springs.

Variety’s 10 to Watch series spotlights emerging writers, actors, producers, directors, comics and cinematographers. The honorees are selected by a team of Variety editors, critics and reporters.

More on the Variety Website

Call For Artists
Round Hole, Square Peg

Artists Corner Gallery & Bookmaking & Photo LA

Round Hole, Square Peg

A New LGBT Aesthetic for the 21st Century

Deadline: December 31, 2013.


Parting Glances

Smokey Is
Home For The Holidays

Durk and Smoky (center) with his parents

A sweet, little, grey kitten made his way to TOM House. The next morning as we were putting up our “found” flyers, we saw a “lost” flyer on the telephone pole. One call and our neighbors were running down the street to be reunited with their baby.

The “reward”? We all named the affectionate bundle “Smoky” (with a promise to get him an ID collar).

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TOM OF FINLAND (Touko Laaksonen, Finnish, 1920 – 1991),
Untitled, 1970, Pen & ink on paper, ToFF #70.01
© 1970 Tom of Finland Foundation

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