TOM OF FINLAND in 53rd Venice Biennale — 9 Comments

  1. Dearest Durk – we’ve experienced some stupid trouble with the shipment – the catalogue-bag came back 3 times due a ‘dangerous’ lighter… and dhl did not seem to react / only ship the bag-alogue back to me again and again and again – hte package lies here next to me…

    well well – packed it without the lighter now – but in case you’re in berlin I might as well hand it over to you personally? would that be the best (then you even get the bag WITH the lighter (inscripted USED SWIMWEAR)??)

    if you prefer to get it shipped, I will pass by the postoffice later today – sorry about the delay and yesssss do please send us an xxl book and the the photo spread!!

    And sure – I will look into whether it would be possible to haunt out even the guards off the giardini to leave the bachelor’s pad for you + 1 …. not sure it will work out though ;-)


  2. I just wanted to make sure someone was aware of this great little video that shows the pieces we lent to the Biennale! Check out the link below, it’s very cool! Allison

    2.Do adjust your sets.

    There now follows a public information announcement:

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    Venice Biennale: Elmgreen & Dragset
    Thursday, July 02, 2009, 5:00:00 AM
    The lives of collectors laid bare by Elmgreen & Dragsettateshots_issue23_elmgreen.mp4

  3. Well well, after a good week of deinstalling and packing all works with our crew in Venice, I just returned to Berlin and thus wanted to contact you to update you on the transport / arrival of the fantastic 6 drawings in LA.

    Hence, a few practical informations:

    Kroll Art Transport preliminary count on the 11-15th of December for the delivery in LA. Michael Stolz from our transport company will contact you directly concerning the exact time of delivery some days before arrival to let you know about the more exact time schedule. In case you have questions any sooner, the direct contact to our transport company is: Kroll Art Transport: Michael Stolz: +49/ 30/ 34 96 17- 58

  4. Moreover, due to the local, somewhat humid conditions in autumnal Venice, we, as with all other lenders receiving works from Giardini, recommend you to open the crates and packaging material and take out the work(s) one day after you have received this/these – thus making the items customize soundly into the (new) climate. Please note that our restorer advised to leave the crates and/or packaging closed for one day upon arrival since this makes the transition into your local conditions smoother. Further our restorer was advising for the future, to pack the drawings in a different material than the plastic folders for instance paper etc.

    Last a quick questions: you once asked for the project to pay a smaller fee to the Tom of Finland Foundation for your paper work dealing with this loan, I think you mentioned some hundred dollars. Let me know if this is still relevant / send me the invoice!

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