Gary Robinson Died This Morning in NYC

A very good friend – and was becoming a better one.



The attenuated, five-year life span of the Tom of Finland Clothing line had little to do with popularity and everything to do with financing. After an exhaustive study of Tom’s art, designers Gary Robinson and David Johnson produced a collection that brought the artist’s vision to three-dimensional life and was embraced by fashion editors, featured in music videos, and covered prominently on both fashion television and the E-Channel. The low slung, “hip-hugger” jeans that are currently the industry standard reflect Tom’s influence as well.

Spring 2003 Dispatch

Tom of Finland Clothing “Absolut Tom” Runway Tour – Part 1

Tom of Finland Clothing “Absolut Tom” Runway Tour – Part 2

We at Tom of Finland Company & Tom of Finland Foundation proudly present a on going collection of video samplings of the creative contributions to our brand by the team of New York mens clothing designers Gary Robinson & David Johnson. Here are some of the runway shows that document their talents and the cultural influence by artist Tom of Finland. Included here is “The Absolut Tom” runway show that toured major cities of America presented in top name nightclubs. These videos are a tribute to both designers, and especially dedicated to the memory of Gary Robinson for all his friends and family to enjoy. We miss his pesence and are glad to have had him be part of this wonderful life .
We love you Gary.












On May 17, 2006 ToFF held a cocktail reception in Manhattan to celebrate Tom of Finland: Coming of Age, a 21-piece exhibition of extraordinary drawings. This evening’s event was only made possible through the focused efforts of three remarkable New York City men: Gary Robinson, Mark Nelson, and Brian Crede who all cochaired the gala exposition at the host venue, the Charles Cowles Gallery.




Rodney Scott, president CSW, Mike Goldie, Durk Dehner, Sharp, Gary Robinson at 2009 Los Angeles LGBT Pride Celebration. PHOTO: JayPG






The  TOM Camino “styled” by Gary Robinson

Durk, Etienne, Jean Claude and Gary Robinson in Paris

Durk, Etienne, Jean Claude and Gary Robinson in Paris


Gary Robinson Died This Morning in NYC — 5 Comments

  1. The Tom of Finland Clothing Company was a licensed designer mens’ line based on & inspired by the artist Tom of Finland. In operation between 1995-2002 the creative team of Gary Robinson & David Johnson were the golden boys of Bryant Park fashion week, being invited to return each consecutive year. The Absolut Vodka runway show toured the major cities of America showcasing in the top named nightclubs. The boys were ill prepared for the high level of success the line produced, and being underfinanced were forced to close in the end of 2002. This video is our tribute to both Gary and David, whose talent has not been surpassed.

  2. If I can get the birthrate for Gary I would like to put up on our website some words to honor his life and contributions to Tom of Finland. We will have a gallery of images along with links of the runway shows he and you created David. They will be hosted on You tube and our website. I just put some new music with the behind the scenes video today that works with the beat of the piece . Its also in French , and reminds me of our time last year in Paris .

  3. From 5-7pm, on the second floor bar.
    Right now we’re planning a 2 hour open bar, some great images of Gary
    on the monitors throughout the place, some favorite music, and a brief
    program with a few of us speaking and offering some remembrances. All
    in all it should be a nice casual get together that Gary would have

    Please feel free to spread the word to those that you care to.

    We’re also in need of pictures of Gary that you may have. We’d love
    to include them in the slideshow we’re preparing.



  4. Sunday, January 31, 2010
    Join as us we celebrate the life of our friend Gary Robinson, who passed away on November 21st, 2009. Grab a beer & share a memory or two w/ us.
    We’ll begin fairly promptly @ 5pm
    Gary was partner w/ David Johnson in The Tom of Finland Clothing Line
    Check out one of the amazing shows:

    In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in Gary’s memory to:
    Callen-Lorde Community Health Center
    Development Department
    356 West 18th Street NYC, NY 10011
    Callen-Lorde Community Health Center is a non-profit organization, tax ID number 13-3409680.
    Tom of Finland Foundation
    P.O. Box 26658, LA, CA 90026
    The Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Educational Archive

    The Eagle ~ 554 West 28th Street NYC
    Gary Robinson Memorial

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